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Re: Creating a Mhonarc archive from MS Outlook emails

On March 17, 2004 at 11:00, Rick Boatright wrote:

> I have 72,000 messages in a single mhonarc archive running on a dual 
> xeon 800 MHz windows 2000 machine with 500 Meg of Ram.  The result files 
> include nearly 800 each thread, author and date index pages, along with 
> the 72000 msg*.html files all in a single directory.
> The last complete generate (back in Sept of '03) took 4 days.  The 
> _next_ version will be using the mharc project technqiues to chop it 
> into bits.  

Thanks for the stats.  Which version of Perl are you using?  Do
you use the Activestate port?  Or the cygwin port?

Moving to mharc may be interesting since it is Unix-centric in how
it operates.  Are you using Cygwin?


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