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Re: Bug: mailto-Expansion broken

On December 8, 2003 at 11:19, Ulrich Mayring wrote:

> > Checkout the "nourl" option to the m2h_text_plain::filter option.
> Works great, thank you.
> BTW, is there a possibility to filter out all 8-Bit characters in the 
> mail header? We've tried to patch MHonArc to delete the 8th bit, but 
> apparently not all mails passed through our routine. Do you have any 
> suggestions where in the code these changes should be made? If at all 
> recommended, that is :)

Looks like there is not a callback API function that easily
allows you to do this.  The location for such a hook would be
in the read_mail_header() routine in mhamain.pl.  And looking
at it, it appears a hook would need to be done within

Are you talking about raw 8-bit characters or non-ASCII encoded
characters?  If the latter, you can use CHARSETCONVERTERS and/or
TEXTENCODE to deal with it.

If the former, you may better off have a pre-filter before mhonarc
is invoked that strips out 8-bit chars in headers.


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