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MhonArc, Glimpse and WebGlimpse

I am successfully archiving my mail list using MhonArc. I've installed
Glimpse and WebGlimpse to add search capabilities. The directory that
contain the MhonArc archive mesages (msgxxxx.html) also contains other
files that I don't want to index when invoking WebGlimpse to rebuild the
archive index.

WebGlimpse provides a file (.wgfilter-index) which may the user may
build a set of rules for allowing and denying files based on regular

The format is:

    Deny regexp

I cannot seem to get the files such thrdxxxx.html, mailxxx.html to be
excluded. I can successfully exclude other files such as those end in an
extension such as:

   Deny \.gif$

Can anyone help me out here??

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