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Re: problems with -expiredate on 620 archives

On November 7, 2003 at 10:28, Mattis Oliver wrote:

> how can i use the -expiredate on all my archives ?
> my first try on an explicit directory delets all mails that match by the expi
> redate but generates 5 new mails.
> i used this:
> mhonarc -expiredate "01 Jan 2002" -outdir /lvol2/mhonarc/ietf-aaa/2000-07 *
> how can mhonarc walk thru all my archives and delete the exired directorys to
> o ?
> my other try´s like this, doesn´t work:
> mhonarc -expiredate "01 Jan 2002" -outdir /lvol2/mhonarc *

So your intent is to delete all messages that are older that "01
Jan 2002"?

If so, the way you are invoking it, the deletion will not happen
until a new message gets added to the archive.  This is a subtle
usability issue.

To force mhonarc to do the deletion, you can use the -editidx:

  mhonarc -editix -expiredate "01 Jan 2002" -outdir /lvol2/mhonarc

You will definitely have to do this for archives that no longer
receive new messages.

Using EXPIREDATE is not common, so that is why I ask what your
real intent is.


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