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Creating a new archive from only msgxxxxx.html files???

A service provider hosted a list for and maintained an archive using
MHonarc. I recently moved my list to my own site. Previous provider sent
me a file of all the msgxxxx.html messages only.

I installed MHonArc-2.6.8 using the quick start instruction but did not
further configuration. How do I build a new archive by date, thread with
a simple search? I tried running mha-dbrecover -outdir /my/path and it
appeared to rebuild messages but directoty only contains msgxxxx.html

Sorry...I'm a newbie and just want to get my old archive back for my
subscribers .... and then add the new messages from the new mail list
with are contained in a /my/path/inbox file.

Could someone provide all the commands with various options and
configuration steps for me to do this.


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