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i am using lm-sensors/sensors on an AMD AM4 motherboard w/ 5700G APU
and ubuntu 22.04

i added kernel module 'drivetemp' to get temp data from the 10 SATA
drives on this box. i would like to filter-out(ignore) the drivetemp
output from /usr/bin/sensors but cannot. the keyword 'chip' does not
work so 'ignore' statements have no effect.

please add a new keyword, eg, 'module', so that it would be possible
to craft filters like this:

module "drivetemp-scsi-0-*"
   ignore temp1


module "k10temp-pci-00c3"
   ignore Tctl


module "nvme-pci-2600"
   ignore Sensor 1
   ignore Sensor 2


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