Updated config file for ASUS TUF GAMING X570 PLUS

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I have updated the config file for the ASUS TUF GAMING X570 PLUS motherboard. I am using more of the
fan headers, and have updated the labels to match those used in the manual for the motherboard. All
have been checked by stalling the running fan and verifying that the sensor reads zero.

I have been happily using lm_sensors for a long time and all I can say is THANK YOU!


chip "nct6798-*"
# nct6798 values for Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI)
# I'm not entirely sure everything here is correct since no HW monitoring
# application under Windows shows all the names for all the found sensors.
# Some of the names and formulas are best guesstimates and could be wrong.
# You will have to unignore fans if you want them to be monitored.

label in0 "Vcore"
    set in0_min 0.2
    set in0_max 1.5

label in2 "AVSB"
    set in2_min  3.3 * 0.95
    set in2_max  3.3 * 1.05

label in3 "3VCC"
    set in3_min  3.3 * 0.95
    set in3_max  3.3 * 1.05

label in4 "+12V"
    compute in4 @ * 12, @ / 12
    set in4_min  12 * 0.95
    set in4_max  12 * 1.05

label in6 "+5V"
    compute in6 @ * 5, @ / 5
    set in6_min  5 * 0.95
    set in6_max  5 * 1.05

label in7 "3.3V"
    set in7_min  3.3 * 0.95
    set in7_max  3.3 * 1.05

label in8 "Vbat"
    set in8_min  3.3 * 0.95
    set in8_max  3.3 * 1.05

# always shows a constant value after boot - either 0.272 or 0.288
ignore in10

# constant 0.544
ignore in11

# constant 1.032
ignore in12

label fan1 "CHA_FAN1"
    set fan1_min 200

label fan2 "CPU FAN"
    set fan2_min 200

label fan3 "CHA_FAN2"

label fan4 "CHA_FAN3"

label fan6 "AIO_PUMP"

label fan7 "CPU_OPT Fan"
    set fan7_min 200

# The X570 chipset is quite power hungry, so let's put 1000 in to be safe
label fan5 "PCH FAN"
    set fan5_min 1000

# Always show zeros
ignore temp8
ignore temp9
ignore temp10

# The motherboard doesn't seem to have them physically connected or present
ignore intrusion0
ignore intrusion1

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