Re: Help with Intel 945GCL MB and Intel 950 CPU hwmon temp

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Hi Brian,

Brian <bvamundsen@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm struggling to get lm-sensors to see the CPU coretemps available on
> this motherboard for the CPU.  The sensor-detect identified SMSC
> LPC47M182, i2c-i801 and aSC7611, but nothing to be written. It also
> says "SMSC LPC47m182 Super IO Fan Sensors, (but not activate.)".
> Apparently the smc47m1 and smc47m192 don't support smc47m182, since no
> driver is listed for 182. Nor does the aSC7621 support aSC7611
> (confidence 5, "driver-to-be-written", but the description available
> suggest the aSC7621 extends what Andigilog made available with
> aSC7611. The CPU thermal coretemp is monitored and able to be
> displayed with the BIOS setup screen, so I know the sensors are
> working for it, but why don't they work with Linux?  The odd thing is
> that /sys/class/thermal/cooling_device0/type is PROCESSOR?
> How would I go about adapting or modify the modules to work properly
> on this Intel motherboard?  I'm using Slackware64 14.2.
> I've checked that Linux kernel 4.4.231 config has HWMON and THERMAL
> set to "yes".

Can you post the full output of sensors-detect? Also the output of
`sensors -u`, `ls /sys/class/hwmon/` and `cat /sys/class/hwmon/*/name`
would be useful.

> While this mother board and CPU are old, they are sufficient for my
> needs.

That's great. No need to keep buying new stuff. Rock on :).


> Any advice would be appreciated.  Cheers, BrianA_MN.
> P.S. I'm also on ##kernel, but have not seen any responses to inquiry
> there.

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