Re: ignore setting in sensors.conf only works with lowercase arguments

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Sandeep <sandy.8925@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hello,
> There are some sensor inputs such as "CPUTIN" for my motherboard's
> sensor chip, which have a default bogus value. I attempted to use an
> ignore line in sensors.conf to block this entry, but noticed that it
> didn't work.
> I tried using ignore for a different lowercase label (e.g "fan1" ) and
> it was ignored as expected.
> It seems that ignore assumes that the argument will be lowercase only,
> and refuses to work otherwise. Even if I use "ignore cputin" it
> doesn't work.
> Can you please fix this?

I think there's nothing to fix. You just need to use the real name of
the input (such as 'temp2') in the 'ignore' statement. What you're using
('CPUTIN') is the label of the input. You can use 'sensors -u' to find
out the real name.


> Yours sincerely,
> Sandeep

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