Re: Intel X550-T2

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On 23. 01. 19 13:15, Mikko Laaksonen wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to know how I can go about adding support for an Intel
> X550-T2 PCI-E network card in lm_sensors. The card comes with a number
> of sensors, including temperature, and a 1,200-page reference manual.
> sensors-detect does not recognize the card off the shelf.

Detection support in sensors-detect doesn't mean much, so I'd first
focus on whether data from the sensors is exported by the driver.
Looking at the ixgbe driver (am I looking at the correct driver?), it
does register a hwmon device, so the data could be available. Let's
verify that - what's the output of the 'sensors' program and the output
of 'cat /sys/class/hwmon/*/name'?


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