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Thanks for this quick reply.
On 11/23/2018 10:20 AM, Ondřej Lysoněk wrote:

On 23. 11. 18 15:52, Jean-Marc Pigeon wrote:

Working to use the last lm-sensors stable version
from github, to be use within LFS (Linux from scratch

Seen the last tag is v3-4-0, 3 year old.

Is there another way to git-archive the last stable

Well, you can use e.g. the following to archive the master branch. The
master branch should be fine to use. Is that what you're asking?
git archive --prefix lm-sensors-3.4.1/ -o lm-sensors-3.4.1.tar.gz master

Sure I can do that, but then it is "mine" 3.4.1 version, better
then to use the day (ie, 3.4.20181123)

How do you tag version, such everybody is on the
same page when speaking about lm-sensors release?

The next release, 3.5.0, is coming soon and it will be tagged as V3-5-0
in git.
IMHO,  project should have more often tagging, 3 year is
too long.
- Tide schedule tagging, mean the project is well and alive
- This will mark stable version, as deemed by project manager.
My 2 cents.

Best regards
Ondřej Lysoněk


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