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On 23. 11. 18 15:52, Jean-Marc Pigeon wrote:
> Hello,
> Working to use the last lm-sensors stable version
> from github, to be use within LFS (Linux from scratch
> project).
> Seen the last tag is v3-4-0, 3 year old.
> Is there another way to git-archive the last stable
> version?

Well, you can use e.g. the following to archive the master branch. The
master branch should be fine to use. Is that what you're asking?
git archive --prefix lm-sensors-3.4.1/ -o lm-sensors-3.4.1.tar.gz master

> How do you tag version, such everybody is on the
> same page when speaking about lm-sensors release?

The next release, 3.5.0, is coming soon and it will be tagged as V3-5-0
in git.

Best regards
Ondřej Lysoněk

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