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On 08/26/2015 05:57 PM, Grazvydas Ignotas wrote:

I have NCT6793D [1] on a MSI "Z170A PC MATE (MS-7971)" board. There
doesn't seem to be any driver that would work out of the box, and
nct6775 seems to be the closest one. Curiously this chip is not listed
on the manufacturer's website.

Loading the nct6775 driver with debug results in:
[  125.155290] nct6775: unsupported chip ID: 0xd121

Patching that check to treat this chip as nct6792 produces seemingly
working driver. There are various voltages reported (don't know what
they correspond to), cooler connected to CPUFAN1 appears as "fan2" and
gives correct looking RPM, "PECI Agent 0" reading is close to
coretemp, but all other temperature outputs don't seem to be working
(just showing static values). I was able to successfully control the
CPU fan using pwm sysfs knobs.

All in all it seems to be useful on this chip, probably worth enabling
in mainline. Feel free to CC me when/if there are any patches to test.

Turns out the NCT6793D is almost register compatible to NCT6792D. Only
difference I can find is that the NCT6792D has "3-wire enable" registers
for each fan. Those registers do not exist on NCT6793D.

Please try the driver at and let me know
if it works.


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