Re: [0/4] overlayfs: Adjustments for ovl_fill_super()

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>>>> See also:
>>> I will queue cleanup patches 1-2,
>> Thanks for this positive feedback.
> Sorry, these patches do not apply to master branch and patch 1
> is no longer correct in master branch and the new mount api changes.

Do you want that I adapt the linked development ideas to the current situation
a bit more?

>>>                                   but I do not like patches 3/4 and 4/4.
>>> I do not think that they make the code better to read or maintain.
>> I would appreciate if the details for such change reluctance can be clarified better.
> patch 3:
> I much rather a single error handling label that takes care of
> all the cleanups - it is harder to make mistakes and jump to
> the wrong label when adding new error conditions.

There are different coding style preferences involved.

See also:

> patch 4:
> Overlayfs uses this coding style all over the place
>   err = -ENOMEM;
>   ofs->creator_cred = cred = prepare_creds();
>   if (!cred)
>       goto out_free_ofs;
> I don't see the benefit in making err = -ENOMEM conditional.
> I don't see the style after your patch as clearly better than before.

Can it be nicer to set error codes only in exceptional data processing situations?


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