RE: ARC rebootstrap prereq (was Re: switching ARC to 64-bit time_t )

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Hi Helmut,

> > 2. libgpg-error has ARC support since v1.33, see:
> >
> 3Dlibgpg-2Derror.git-3Ba-3Dcommit-3Bh-
> 3D48c8f8ddfc80&d=DwIBAg&c=DPL6_X_6JkXFx7AXWqB0tg&r=lqdeeSSEes0GFDDl656eViXO7breS55ytWkhpk5R81I&m=_zJyx
> Gdx_-O_dKHjFp6S-2ZXebEcmuHfmUsgpc4uEXA&s=myC306ViTlaxOV8nbOJR8pC74k2lsKmmB1hCGQR0PrE&e=
> This is only the native-support. For rebootstrap, we also need cross
> build support, i.e. recording the generated lock-obj header (once glibc
> is done).
> > And only for "libatomic-ops" & "guile" nothing has been done yet so if there's something
> > that really needs to be done please let us know.
> I suggest that you focus on libatomic-ops then. And on glibc of course.
> I guess that the other issues are easily solvable when they arise.

Sorry for this stupid question but I'm not very familiar with use-cases for
libatomic-ops so would like to get some more clarification on what's needed here.

I know that GCC has quite a few built-ins for atomic ops and we do implement them.
I'm adding our GCC maintainer (Claudiu) in the Cc so he may jump in if needed.


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