RE: ARC rebootstrap prereq (was Re: switching ARC to 64-bit time_t )

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Hi Helmut,

> On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 05:25:58PM -0700, Vineet Gupta wrote:
> > ARC glibc is still in works, but assuming that will happen in near future what
> > other upstream prerequisites are needed. The obvious ones would be Linux kernel,
> > gcc, binutils: all 3 of which are supported for ARC. From a quick glance at debian
> > wiki pages, I presume *bootstrap is mostly done native, so needs qemu ? (full/user
> > emulation ? And does qemu need to be upstream too ?
> Given that I ran into the glibc issue, I can tell that at least
> rudimentary arc support support is already available in Debian unstable
> for binutils, linux and gcc. (Otherwise, I would not have come as far as
> glibc.) Once glibc is in place, work can proceed on the Debian side.
> guile, libatomic-ops, libffi, libgpg-error and nspr ususally need a
> little upstream support. dpkg, gmp, openssl, and perl usually need
> Debian-specific changes. I'd recommend looking into libatomic-ops and
> libffi early. The other packages are usually simple.

I guess almost all of the packages you mentioned already have
needed improvements for ARC.

1. libffi has ARC support since v3.1, see:

2. libgpg-error has ARC support since v1.33, see:;a=commit;h=48c8f8ddfc80
3. nspr has ARC support since v4.1, see:

And only for "libatomic-ops" & "guile" nothing has been done yet so if there's something
that really needs to be done please let us know.


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