Re: [bug report] blktests srp/002 hang

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On 8/25/23 08:52, Bart Van Assche wrote:
> On 8/24/23 18:11, Shinichiro Kawasaki wrote:
>> If it takes time to resolve the issues, it sounds a good idea to make siw driver
>> default, since it will make the hangs less painful for blktests users. Another
>> idea to reduce the pain is to improve srp/002 and srp/011 to detect the hangs
>> and report them as failures.
> At this moment we don't know whether the hangs can be converted into failures.
> Answering this question is only possible after we have found the root cause of
> the hang. If the hang would be caused by commands getting stuck in multipathd
> then it can be solved by changing the path configuration (see also the dmsetup
> message commands in blktests). If the hang is caused by a kernel bug then it's
> very well possible that there is no way to recover other than by rebooting the
> system on which the tests are run.
> Thanks,
> Bart.

Since 6.6.0-rc1 came out I decided to give blktests srp another try with the current
rdma for-next branch on my Ubuntu (debian) system. For the first time in a very long
time all the srp test cases run correctly multiple times. I ran each one 3X.

I had tried to build multipath-tools from source but ran into problems so I reinstalled
the current Ubuntu packages. I have no idea what was the root cause that finally went
away but I don't think it was in rxe as there aren't any recent patches related to the
blktests failures. I did notice that the dmesg traces picked up a couple of lines after
the place where it used to hang. Something about setting an ALUA timeout to 60 seconds.

Thanks to all who worked on this.

Bob Pearson

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