[PATCH v7 0/7] PCI: rcar-gen4: Add R-Car V4H support

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The pcie-rcar-gen4 driver can reuse other R-Car Gen4 support like
r8a779g0 (R-Car V4H) and r8a779h0 (R-Car V4M). However, some
initializing settings differ between R-Car S4-8 (r8a779f0) and
others. The R-Car S4-8 will be minority about the setting way. So,
R-Car V4H will be majority and this is generic initialization way
as "renesas,rcar-gen4-pcie{-ep}" compatible.

About the firmware downloading, we can get information from
the following wiki page:

For now, I tested both R-Car S4-8 and R-Car V4H on this driver.
I'll support one more other SoC (R-Car V4M) in the future.

Changes from v6:
- Add Manivannan's Reviewed-by in patch [37]/7.
- Rename a struct from "platdata" to "drvdata" in patch [4/7].
- Revise the commit descriptions in patch [456]/7.
- Rename some functions in patch 6/7.
- Fix the return value of an error path in patch 6/7.

Changes from v5:
- Drop "dwc: " prefixes from the subjects in patch [0456]/7.

Changes from v4:
- Fix compatible string for renesas,r8a779f0-pcie-ep which was described
  accidentally from v3...

Yoshihiro Shimoda (7):
  dt-bindings: PCI: rcar-gen4-pci-host: Add R-Car V4H compatible
  dt-bindings: PCI: rcar-gen4-pci-ep: Add R-Car V4H compatible
  PCI: dwc: Add PCIE_PORT_{FORCE,LANE_SKEW} macros
  PCI: rcar-gen4: Add rcar_gen4_pcie_drvdata
  PCI: rcar-gen4: Add .ltssm_enable() for other SoC support
  PCI: rcar-gen4: Add support for r8a779g0
  misc: pci_endpoint_test: Document a policy about adding pci_device_id

 .../bindings/pci/rcar-gen4-pci-ep.yaml        |   4 +-
 .../bindings/pci/rcar-gen4-pci-host.yaml      |   4 +-
 drivers/misc/pci_endpoint_test.c              |   1 +
 drivers/pci/controller/dwc/pcie-designware.h  |   6 +
 drivers/pci/controller/dwc/pcie-rcar-gen4.c   | 272 +++++++++++++++++-
 5 files changed, 270 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)


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