Re: [PATCH v7 0/7] PCI: rcar-gen4: Add R-Car V4H support

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> The pcie-rcar-gen4 driver can reuse other R-Car Gen4 support like
> r8a779g0 (R-Car V4H) and r8a779h0 (R-Car V4M). However, some
> initializing settings differ between R-Car S4-8 (r8a779f0) and
> others. The R-Car S4-8 will be minority about the setting way. So,
> R-Car V4H will be majority and this is generic initialization way
> as "renesas,rcar-gen4-pcie{-ep}" compatible.
> About the firmware downloading, we can get information from
> the following wiki page:
> For now, I tested both R-Car S4-8 and R-Car V4H on this driver.
> I'll support one more other SoC (R-Car V4M) in the future.

Applied to dt-bindings, thank you!

[01/02] dt-bindings: PCI: rcar-gen4-pci-host: Add R-Car V4H compatible
[02/02] dt-bindings: PCI: rcar-gen4-pci-ep: Add R-Car V4H compatible


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