Re: possible deprecation and removal of some old QEMU Arm machine types (pxa2xx, omap, sa1110)

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On Wed, Feb 14, 2024 at 2:39 PM Marcin Juszkiewicz
<marcin.juszkiewicz@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Most of OpenZaurus/Ångström developers abandoned Zaurus devices in 2008.
> Usually in favour of Nokia 770/n800/n810 tablets.
> Both OpenZaurus and Ångström used own hosting in era.

I joined OpenEmbedded in that years and it was the only reliable repository.
The most recent works for kernel have been committed there, in the
meta-handheld layer.
Due to my limited knowledge I could only contribute to finish MTD
support for Zaurus.

I don't have anymore the devices, in perspective I can only imagine
Qemu support if any.
It was fun, thanks to all for your support!

Andrea Adami

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