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I just remembered there is a new github-cli package. It allows you to view, comment, create, etc. issues on GitHub from the terminal. Maybe you could see if that enables you to interact directly with the dosemu2 project on GitHub? You do need to authorize it once with a GitHub account though.

Op 29-04-2021 om 22:08 schreef Jude DaShiell:
Nothing is allowed into archlinux repositories without capability to do
integrity checks on packages.  That's the reason for the sha256sum.  I'll
try doing an sha256sum on the directory this package created and put that
in the PKGBUILD file as a starter.  github uses javascript andI avoid
javascript whenever possible.  I can install a g.u.i. on a system along
with chromium when necessary and that should cover the javascript

On Thu, 29 Apr 2021, Julius Schwartzenberg wrote:

There are currently no explicit releases. The recommendation is to use the
latest version. I am not sure of what exactly you need the sha256sum, but my
suggestion would be to calculate it yourself initially.

Would it help if you could have your files end up directly in the repository?
In any case, creating pull requests is something you're welcome to do if that
is possible.

Maybe you could give some pointers that could be taken care of so you could
more easily interact with the dosemu2 project on GitHub?

Op 28-04-2021 om 20:16 schreef Jude DaShiell:
What is the current version number and sha256sum for this package?  I'm
trying to create what is called a PKGBUILD file for it in archlinux and
fill in required entries.
I have another PKGBUILD file from another package I'm editing to make this
one in order to get it as close to correct as possible the first time.  I
was encouraged by a trusted user on archlinux to do this PKGBUILD for
archlinux users.  If this works, this will be my first PKGBUILD file too.

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