sound for dosemu on archlinux more complex

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The only alsa.conf file on the system is in /usr/share/alsa not
/etc/modprobe.d.  In my user directory I have an .asoundrc file.  These
appear different from what Dominique shared earlier.
Also I am missing an expected midi device and maybe a libao device.  A
code page isn't yet present or configured either.  Exit errors are:
ERROR: Can't find codepage for "C".
Please add the mapping to locales.conf and send patch.
ERROR: libao: unable to get driver id
ERROR: alsa_midi (ALSA lib): rawmidi_hw.c:235:(snd_rawmidi_hw_open) : No
such file or directory open /dev/snd/midiC0D0 failed
How can I check for a live libao driver and build both midi drivers and
libao drivers if those don't exist?
This system runs on utf-8 as most Linux systems do these days.  What
should be done to cause the code page error to disappear if it is or will
be critical in future?
I had to remove a drives line from a .dosemurc I made for dosemu 1.42 and
when I did that dosemu 2 came up and surprised me.  My surprise was this.
With dosemu 1, with this .dosemurc file I had a 64 line boot.log file.
With the modified .dosemurc file for dosemu 2 where that drives line got
deleted, my boot.log file was only 36 lines long.  Lots of warnings with
the /etc/dosemu/dosemu.conf file which stands to reason.  Good
configuration work pays.

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