Re: dosemu: trouble with himem.sys and rs232

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Le Sat, 12 Oct 2019 23:33:57 +0300,
stsp <stsp2@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

> 12.10.2019 23:27, Dominique Michel пишет:
> > Le Sat, 5 Oct 2019 12:00:09 +0300,
> > stsp <stsp2@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
> >  
> >> 05.10.2019 11:01, Dominique Michel пишет:  
> >>>> to run, doesn't help.
> >>>> In any case, you can try dosemu2.  
> >>> Thanks for the pointer. I will do it.  
> >> Gentoo seems to provide -pre8:
> >>
> >> which is the last pre-alpha version released.
> >> And they seem to have some dosemu2-9999 -
> >> presumably a git version, but seems to be from
> >> branch "master", in which case it is an equivalent
> >> to -pre8. Which is quite too old.
> >> Maybe someone should ask them to provide the
> >> development branch rather than master as 9999.
> >> **  
> > I finally succeeded to make ebuilds for the devel git code of
> > dosemu2 with djpp  
> Did you really succeed in building djgpp?
> Could you please show the recipe of that?
> You are probably a hero. :)

No, I use the precompiled at that time.

If I run make as user into the djgpp source code, it take a while but
just compile fine. That show me it must be possible to make it to work
with portage, but I didn't succeeded at that time. Maybe than
some variables needed for the build are not exported into portage's
environment by default. I have to talk with other gentoo devs about

It is still some work to do to make the dosemu2 ebuild to work with
both amd64 and x32 architectures. Vincent Hardy, the linuxunderground
dev, insist about that. It will be him that will make and test that.

> >   and comcom32 support by default. They will hopefully
> > soon be integrated into the linuxunderground gentoo overlay
> > available via layman.
> >
> > I tested both asm56k versions I have. With 2.6, the version I get
> > with the board, dosemu2 crash with mmap() failed.  
> Even with the recent mmap() fixes from github?

It work fine now.

I just succeeded to launch dosemu2 and to run both the asm56000
assembler and the dsp56k communication and debugger terminal I need for
my dsp board.

You did a terrific job with dosemu2 because for what I remember, it was
really tricky to get the MSDOS with the PC of that time to not crash
with these 2 software, especially with the assembler, which was needing
a customized config.sys and autoexec, that in order to get enough
memory. With dosemu2, it was just to run dosemu2 with its default
config, install and run these software. Also, the RS2322 port seam to
work very well without visible limitations, it just work fine for my

So, thanks a lot for your good work on dosemu2!

If you have a problem and you are not doing anything to fix it, you are
at the heart of the problem.

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