Re: dosemu: trouble with himem.sys and rs232

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Le Sat, 5 Oct 2019 12:00:09 +0300,
stsp <stsp2@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

> 05.10.2019 11:01, Dominique Michel пишет:
> >> to run, doesn't help.
> >> In any case, you can try dosemu2.  
> > Thanks for the pointer. I will do it.  
> Gentoo seems to provide -pre8:
> which is the last pre-alpha version released.
> And they seem to have some dosemu2-9999 -
> presumably a git version, but seems to be from
> branch "master", in which case it is an equivalent
> to -pre8. Which is quite too old.
> Maybe someone should ask them to provide the
> development branch rather than master as 9999.
> **

I finally succeeded to make ebuilds for the devel git code of
dosemu2 with djpp and comcom32 support by default. They will hopefully
soon be integrated into the linuxunderground gentoo overlay available
via layman.

I tested both asm56k versions I have. With 2.6, the version I get with
the board, dosemu2 crash with mmap() failed. I remember than I get a
very bad time to configure my DOS running PC at that time. Nothing
was documented and well...

The good news is than the 2.8 version available on the internet just
work out of the box with the default dosemu config. Now I have to test
dsp56k terminal which use a serial port on /dev/ttyUSB0.


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