Setting up dosemu2 (from binary)

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I have just joined github at Andrew Bird's suggestion because I need to run 
legacy DOS software on a 64-bit system. I'm a relative newbie, but have been 
very happily running dosemu2 for more than 1 year. Installed via deb created 
from binaries.  (Thanks so much Andrew for helping me get going!)

I am now setting up new systems. (64-bit debian  8.10 and 9.4 with KDE) and 
ran into a minor issue.

I have created the deb file and installed it. Dosemu starts, but complains 
about missing freedos. I have experimented with placing freedos  pieces into 
~/.dosemu/drive_c and got dosemu to boot, but it still does not find the 
freedos support files. Perhaps I need the counterpart (for binaries) of the 
INSTALL document, if it exists, or perhaps instructions for installing the 
freedos binary? Or ... should I adjust dosemu.conf?

Guidance would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much!

Richard White
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