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26.06.2018 03:18, Richard White пишет:

I have just joined github at Andrew Bird's suggestion because I need to run
legacy DOS software on a 64-bit system. I'm a relative newbie, but have been
very happily running dosemu2 for more than 1 year. Installed via deb created
from binaries.  (Thanks so much Andrew for helping me get going!)

I am now setting up new systems. (64-bit debian  8.10 and 9.4 with KDE) and
ran into a minor issue.

I have created the deb file and installed it. Dosemu starts, but complains
about missing freedos. I have experimented with placing freedos  pieces into
~/.dosemu/drive_c and got dosemu to boot, but it still does not find the
freedos support files. Perhaps I need the counterpart (for binaries) of the
INSTALL document, if it exists, or perhaps instructions for installing the
freedos binary? Or ... should I adjust dosemu.conf?
There was a patch yesterday that answers your
So you have to put freedos to dosemu2 dir
before building deb, or before doing
"sudo make install". It will then embed it into
an installation. Without doing this, you get a
dummy dosemu2.
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