Re: Problem with serial port access

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On Sat, 29 Nov 2014 13:58:31 +0100
lars@xxxxxxxxxxx (Lars Bjørndal) wrote:

> Hope someone can help.

This is somewhat late... and you've probably already solved the 

Serial port communications is nearly always a headache... I used it for
many years!

Did you check the cable? Does the cable implement the DTR/DSR and/or
CTS/RTS lines (in both directions?) Some cables have strange (and
incorrect) connections at each side.

Some software also uses those lines differently from others. One of
the pairs (DSR/DTR I believe) is software controlled, so they can be
activated at different times.

To avoid cable problems you can try to enable XON/XOFF, and disable
hardware handshaking. This is simpler to debug, and even the simplest
cable should work (3 wires only).

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