Re: Install DR-DOS 7.0 into dosemu on Linux Mint (Debian)

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actually last time I checked Windows 3.1 works in FreeDOS under
DOSEMU. The special hooks it needs are mostly for file system access
but this is irrelevant with the MFS "networked file system". Running
win3.1 directly from a FAT filesystem has issues as in real mode DOS.

The problem with the Open Watcom compiler for FreeDOS is not that is
not GPL, but that Open Watcom is "Open Source" (OSI) but not "Free
Software" (FSF). For Debian, it does not pass the "Debian Free
Software Guidelines" (DFSG).
If it were BSD licensed or Apache or anything else DFSG-blessed (which
is even stricter than FSF-blessed) there would not be an issue.


P.S. I'm sorry about the slowness regarding the COPYING.DOSEMU
language. it's just a hairy issue I don't want to rush (with limited
time already).
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