Re: Dosemu stsrts only one time in Putty

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Tomasz Skorupa wrote:
> Hi All,
> I new on the list so let me say that You do a great job!
> As I say in subject i observe strange behavior on Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS with Dosemu installed.
> After installation dosemu starts only one time with properly working screen on Putty terminal.
> I see Dosemu welcome message when I invoke it via dosemu -t command.
> When I exit to linux and start Dosemu again I see only black background with cursor block in
> strange position, but program works ok because when I type exitemu I back to linux prompt.
> Only machine restart let me run Dosemu again. Exit Putty and start new session not work.
> Software used:
> Linux Ubuntu server 8.04 LTS
> Dosemu 1.4.0 from Ubuntu repository installed via aptitude with no tweeks in config files.
> Putty for Windows version 0.60
> Could Yoy give me some direction what I can change to make it working?
> Regards,
> Tomasz Skorupa

You must restart Linux server, or Windows machine?
Running dosemu directly from Linux server is fine?
What is Your dosemu.conf file?

I never met with something of that kind. From my experience, DOS
applications often behaves weirdly when setting $_dosmem >640, but
this usualy become evident in every session, not only in second+.
I mostly access remote dosemu from other Linux box via "ssh -X" and
thus I'm using xdosemu, but "dosemu -t" works for me too (just tested
on Fedora 15 with dosemu i686 svn.2053 in vm86 mode) - only one thing
seems interesting for me: "mode" command shows (in dependence on
accessing PC window size) values as:
Port status: [  ]
Port status: [  ]
Port status: [  ]
Free for redirection to serial ports.
CON codepage support (FreeDOS DISPLAY) not loaded.
Screen size: 110 columns, 39 rows, mode 3, font height 16.
Switchar is '/'. Numlock is off. Scrolllock is off. Capslock is off.

(110 columns and/or 39 rows are non-standard in DOS world, i'm not
sure when it cannot break some dos apps).

(and second thing, interesting for me, is line "*** VIRTUAL PRINTER ..".
Isn't there in FreeDOS some support for virtual printers which is
missing in DOSEMU? Printing to more than 3 (virtual) printers is
important for me - know somebody about status in FreeDOS and dosemu?)

What Your ~/.dosemu/boot.log ? Tried You compare this between first
and second session? Eventually with fiddling with $_debug setting in

Best, Franta
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