Dosemu stsrts only one time in Putty

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Hi All,
I new on the list so let me say that You do a great job!

As I say in subject i observe strange behavior on Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS with Dosemu installed. After installation dosemu starts only one time with properly working screen on Putty terminal. I see Dosemu welcome message when I invoke it via dosemu -t command. When I exit to linux and start Dosemu again I see only black background with cursor block in strange position, but program works ok because when I type exitemu I back to linux prompt. Only machine restart let me run Dosemu again. Exit Putty and start new session not work.
Software used:
Linux Ubuntu server 8.04 LTS
Dosemu 1.4.0 from Ubuntu repository installed via aptitude with no tweeks in config files.
Putty for Windows version 0.60

Could Yoy give me some direction what I can change to make it working?

Tomasz Skorupa
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