Re: Using console graphics (-s option) on non-standard resolutions

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On Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 3:37 PM, Reinhard Karcher <karcher1234@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Am 14.03.2011 20:15, schrieb Daren Krive:
>> However all these newer distros change the resolution of the console
>> (tty1 – tty6) to something much higher than the standard 80x25 and
>> even change the font.  Apparently most people *like* this but I prefer
>> to have a standard console.  If I need more space for a Linux session
>> I will use a full-screen xterm.
>> The real problem is however that it seems that these non-standard
>> resolutions cause problems for DOSEMU when I use the “-s” option.
>> If I run DOSEMU with the s- option I get some blue text very briefly
>> on the screen and then my whole screen goes blank.  The only way I can
>> get things back to normal (that I know of)is to hard-boot my machine
>> (ouch).  Running DOSEMU without the –s options works fine but gives
>> weird output because the screen is not in 80x25 mode.
>> So my question is twofold.  How can I prevent Mint (or any other
>> distro) from doing something silly with the screen resolution?  Also
>> can we get DOSEMU to error out with some nice error message or
>> something when this happens?  Or is there some other solution?
> You could use dos in X and switch to full screen using ctrl-alt-f.
> To configure tty1-tty6 to 80x25, that depends on your graphic card and is a
> linux question you should ask someone, who knows your distribution.
> Reinhard

Hi Reinhard,

I do use the Ctrl+Alt+F feature most of the time.  However the fonts
do not look nearly as good as they do on a native console.  It works
but it isn't the ideal scenario.

I was hoping there would be a larger number of people looking for this
(standard resolution on the console) among DOSEMU users.

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