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Am 14.03.2011 20:15, schrieb Daren Krive:
However all these newer distros change the resolution of the console
(tty1 – tty6) to something much higher than the standard 80x25 and
even change the font.  Apparently most people *like* this but I prefer
to have a standard console.  If I need more space for a Linux session
I will use a full-screen xterm.

The real problem is however that it seems that these non-standard
resolutions cause problems for DOSEMU when I use the “-s” option.

If I run DOSEMU with the s- option I get some blue text very briefly
on the screen and then my whole screen goes blank.  The only way I can
get things back to normal (that I know of)is to hard-boot my machine
(ouch).  Running DOSEMU without the –s options works fine but gives
weird output because the screen is not in 80x25 mode.

So my question is twofold.  How can I prevent Mint (or any other
distro) from doing something silly with the screen resolution?  Also
can we get DOSEMU to error out with some nice error message or
something when this happens?  Or is there some other solution?

You could use dos in X and switch to full screen using ctrl-alt-f.

To configure tty1-tty6 to 80x25, that depends on your graphic card and is a linux question you should ask someone, who knows your distribution.


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