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if possible, you could try the latest dosemu out of SVN, and use
ms-dos instead, then make sure your dosemu.conf settings are
uncommented for anything you think is suspect, such as enabling direct
hardware access, etc.

On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 10:44 AM, Steve Cohen <stevecoh1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 10/08/2010 03:22 PM, Frank Cox wrote:
>> On Fri, 2010-10-08 at 14:25 -0500, Steve Cohen wrote:
>>> Can someone tell me what this error message indicates and
>>> where I might possibly go to figure out how to fix it?
>> What version of dosemu are you trying to use?
>> Is the problem with dosemu or with freedos?  Have you tried running your
>> application under "native" freedos?  Have you tried running your
>> application under dosemu with ms-dos (or whatever dos version you run it
>> under now)?
>> What language is your application written in?  Do you have the source
>> code and a suitable compiler?  If so, are you sufficiently familiar with
>> the programming that you can play with the source code for your
>> application and find out exactly what's causing it to blow up?
>> What kind of application are you using?  Process control?  Database?
>> Custom hardware driver?  Something else?
> Sorry for the lapse.  I was on vacation.  Thanks for your help.
> It's 1.4, the version you get with apt-get from Ubuntu 10.04 and the latest
> stable version, I believe.
> This error happens under freedos.  I have not yet tried running it under
> MS-DOS, which is what it runs under normally.
> The application is a legacy app written about 20 years ago in C.  We have
> source code for all the code that was written by our organization and for
> some of the third party libraries that were used.  These include CScape (for
> which we do have source) and the Greenleaf Communications Library, for
> which, thus far, we don't.  The application also uses some version of the
> PharLap DOS Extender, which currently is at the top of my suspect list for
> this problem.  I've read the EMUfailure page, which mentions that
>> Older versions of the Pharlap Extender (run286) need ring-0 access under
>> DOSEMU to install their own DPMI server. The use of proprietary undocumented
>> extensions to the DPMI protocol makes DOSEMU's DPMI server unsuitable for
>> this extender.
> I don't see run286 as something we're loading and the version of PharLap we
> are using includes the binaries phar2_ir.dll and phar2_ir.lib.  Can someone
> confirm that this IS or ISN'T the version of PharLap that won't work with
> DOSemu?  It appears to be the Greenleaf library that needs the PharLap and
> they include a header called phar286.h to support it.
> The application is an operator console for a telephony-based system.  It
> uses the serial port to communicate with a phone-dialing device.  It also
> has a network interface to the back-end part of this system which handles
> switching, billing, and other interfaces.
> Although we have source code and suitable compilers, tweaking it much is
> probably not an option for business reasons.  We are on a 2-week
> fish-or-cut-bait time frame for evaluating DOSEMU for this purpose.  If we
> can't get this to work, we will look at rewriting instead, which is our
> preferred long-term solution.  DOSEMU, if it proves out in the two weeks
> allotted, would be the short term solution.  The reason for this whole
> effort is hardware exhaustion - we haven't figured out a workable way to
> replace the old hardware, and are running out of suitable replacements,
> which are no longer available.
> Steve Cohen
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