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On 08/10/10 21:22, Frank Cox wrote:
What version of dosemu are you trying to use?

Is the problem with dosemu or with freedos?  Have you tried running your
application under "native" freedos?  Have you tried running your
application under dosemu with ms-dos (or whatever dos version you run it
under now)?

What language is your application written in?  Do you have the source
code and a suitable compiler?  If so, are you sufficiently familiar with
the programming that you can play with the source code for your
application and find out exactly what's causing it to blow up?

What kind of application are you using?  Process control?  Database?
Custom hardware driver?  Something else?

There are a number of things you need to try as outlined above.

However, you should also be aware that dosemu 'plays better' on a 32-bit OS than a 64-bit version, at least in my experience of trying the MS C6.0 compiler for our legacy applications.

As outlined above, try your application on 'real hardware' using freedos and whatever other DOS versions you have. Try and establish what it is happy with first. If it is only happy with, say, MS-DOS 6.22 then you can try that inside dosemu and see if it is then happy.

Finally once your app is not crashing dosemu, remember that some DOS applications, and our primary reason for using dosemu, need direct hardware access. Don't give dosemu a blank cheque though, find out what your app needs and enable just that, remembering also you need to edit the dosemu.conf file to allow such access *AND* to start dosemu / xdosemu with the '-s' option as well (and to be a sudo'er, as this punches a huge hole through the OS' security model!)

If you don't allow direct access you won't crash dosemu, it emulates the (wrong) results, so it is unlikely that a crash can be fixed by enabling this. Do it only *if* you need some special hardware to work, and you already have things kind of working OK (at least to the level of starting and stopping an application fairly normally).

And you are testing on a machine with no unique/valuable data I trust? :)

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