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Long ago I was able to run a Windows 2.0 program under DOSemu, but somehow over the years that capability disappeared. However, I know that the problem has to do with the expected DOS version, and I also know that under MS-DOS I'd use the setver command to make it work. Alas, I find no such command for DOSemu, and what setver I did find (for FreeDOS) locked up my machine when I tried using it. Btw, it was entered in config.sys, as it should have been. When I started DOSemu everything froze completely and I had to reboot.

I'm now able to run the program (it's called M/pc) under DOSbox, which has a handy "ver" command built-in. However, I think DOSemu has better MIDI timing, so I'd prefer to run it under DOSemu. Can anyone advise 1) where I can get a working version of setver for DOSemu and 2) if there are any special considerations for its use with the emulator ?

Btw, I employ DOSemu 1.4.0 under Ubuntu 32-bit and Debian 64-bit.




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