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> Von: "Samuel Bronson" <naesten@xxxxxxxxx>

> On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 8:49 AM, <x.zupftom@xxxxxx> wrote:
> > Sorry, I'm not familiar with the Dosemu code, neither are my programming
> > skills (not to mention my C skills) sufficient to dive into it.  I can
> > explain the (solved) problem in more detail (in words or possibly as
> > screencast, if this helps) and provide logs from patched and unpatched
> > versions for comparison.
> That's fine, I thought that likely. Which program was it that the patch
> fixed things for? Was there a public thread about it back then?

Here is the archived thread:

And one later post by me (sorry, I messed up the thread):

> > The problem with evaluating this patch is probably that there are hardly any
> > people using MIDI input with Dosemu, I suspect.  Dave Phillips who is using
> > (or used to use) Sequencer Plus Gold by Voyetra with Dosemu helped me with
> > getting MIDI input into Dosemu.  I could try and install that software to
> > see whether this program also works with the patch.
> Yeah, that's definitely an issue. What would one need to do to test this,
> anyway?

A working MIDI setup (MIDI keyboard connected to the computer) and a DOS program that uses MIDI input.  I can't share Score, it's commercial software that's still being sold.  But the Voyetra sequencer is available for free:

Obviously this program follows a completely different strategy for reading MIDI data.  For a sequencer low latency and accurate timing are essential.  For notation software this obviously isn't an issue.  I guess Score is taking a more lazy approach.

> P.S. Sorry that you'll have received this twice, the first time I
> forgot that VGER detests HTML :-(

Let me add my apologies:  Obviously I made a mistake and sent my initial post twice as well.

I'm aware that there has been conflict between Stas and other contributors (or a single maintainer?) in the past which caused him to resign as a maintainer.  I don't know the background of this, but he certainly is knowing the internals of Dosemu very well.  I would find it pretty sad if Stas' commitment wasn't honored and the bug fix would get lost because of personal resentments.  I would really like to promote Dosemu and see more people adopting it.

Thomas W.
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