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2009/7/12  <x.zupftom@xxxxxx>:
> Let me add my apologies:  Obviously I made a mistake and sent my initial post twice as well.
> I'm aware that there has been conflict between Stas and other contributors (or a single maintainer?) in the past which caused him to resign as a maintainer.  I don't know the background of this, but he certainly is knowing the internals of Dosemu very well.  I would find it pretty sad if Stas' commitment wasn't honored and the bug fix would get lost because of personal resentments.  I would really like to promote Dosemu and see more people adopting it.

There were arguments, but there are no personal resentments on my
part. Just that last year I spent almost 0 time on DOSEMU and I didn't
check the emails very well. The patch is fine, and Stas is the expert
on this code.

Thanks for reminding me: it is applied as r1898 in SVN.

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