Cannot run Freepascal compiler under DOSemu

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Hi all.

I'm running the 32-bit DOSemu binary on an AMD64 system, and by far most
applications run fine. I have trouble with the Freepascal compiler though.
Both its installer and the actual compiler fail.

In the case of the compiler, running it without parameters gives the
command line options. This works fine. When a source file is specified,
DOSemu aborts with the message below. Do I have to modify the conf file?
I have tried several changes, none make any difference.

I'd appreciate suggestions!

Output from DOSemu:

ERROR: Fault handler re-entered! signal=11 _trapno=0xE
ERROR: cpu exception in dosemu code outside of DPMI client!
trapno: 0x0e  errorcode: 0x00000007  cr2: 0x00000000
eip: 0x004a2cc1  esp: 0x7fff16e2d270  eflags: 0x00010202
cs: 0x0033  ds: 0x013f  es: 0x013f  ss: 0x002b
ERROR: Please report the contents of ~/.dosemu/boot.log at
It would be even more helpful if would recompile DOSEMU and reproduce this
bug with "debug on" in compiletime-settings.
Page fault: write instruction to linear address: 0x00000000
CPU was in user mode
Exception was caused by insufficient privilege
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