Dosemu would be a hope for all visually impaired system administrators

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Dear core developers of Dosemu,

If somebody of us would help many potentional visually impaired system administrators, please take some time to read my message.

   Dear core developers of Dosemu,

Yours DOS emulator is The onlyone DOS emulator for Linux, which can be fully accessible by using screen readers for Linux, including Speakup, Yasr, Brltty and other console based screen readers. May be, that many of us know, that today's modern computers are OEM preinstalled with Windows XP or other operating systems from Microsoft. Those computers are using harddrive with several partitions. The one of those partitions, very often FAT32 partition is containing special diagnostics servicing software. Thank's to it software, users are able to perform The reinstall of The operating system, drivers and other crucial software components. Very probably many of us will know, that IBM, today's Lenovo company is using IBM rescue and recovery tool to perform system backup and restore. My question is.

How complex would be to develope special program, which would enable visually impaired user of Dosemu to simulate The boot from DVD drive, which is containing first crucial boot CD with IBM rescue and recovery program. Dosemu would enable visually impaired users to use this tool for performing previously created backup. The IBM rescue and recovery is based on The PC Dos kernel. Unfortunately, it is not simply possible to use DOsemu, simply switch to The DVD drive with first bootable CD and execute some bath file or other executable file. Core developers of this tool are assuming, that first bootable CD will be used by normally booting by using BIOS. So crucial files are specially hydden and can not bbe executed from The Dosemu command prompt.

Would be this possible please?

By using GRML and USB flash disk, users would have a chance to have their harddrive empty, boot from USB flash disk which is containing GRML live system and thank's to Dosemu, users would try to run IBM rescue and recovery from The previously prepared backups.

If it is not possible, would somebody atleast tell me The programmers reasons why? Dosemu would enable visually impaired system administrators to use also other diagnostics and system rescue tools also from other company than Lenovo. What do You think about it?

Thank You very much for Yours answers.

With kindness regards.

Janusz Chmiel

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