problem with AMD x4

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Hi everibody

i have a big problem with dosemu

my first start was with
- AMD 64bit single core
- CENTOS 5.4 - 64bit
- DOSEMU 1.4.0-1.i386.rpm
- Paradox 4.5 for DOS

and, yes, things work great. few modification in dosemu.conf for memory config and Paradox running without problem
even with multiuser enviroment, paradox work well

after this succesful experiment, i get a new PC with AMD quad core and my problems begin

new tryout:
- AMD 64bit 4core
- CENTOS 5.4 - 64bit
- DOSEMU 1.4.0-1.i386.rpm

after starting dosemu, it say processor is unknown and dosemu exit

ok, i try svn , downloaded source code (checked out revision 1999)
then installed gcc, flex, bison, slang
then ./configure, make all, make install, all without errors

and wooow, dosemu start

BUT .... dosemu don't work what i expected
norton commander work, paradox 3 start without problem, etc etc but Paradox 4.5 won't start
when i start paradox, i get this error

Unexpected condition: Locking error (read failed) (null) -- Leaving paradox

i try to start paradox without any script, joust paradox, but ... no success

please HELP me, paradox 45 is main reason why i try to start dosemu
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