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El 03/02/10 06:29, Danilo Godec escribió:
Every DOSEMU session has to connect to a Novell (IPX based) server. I
used 'direct networking' on the old version and it worked well, so I'd
like to keep using it.

And as far as I know IPX requires root privileges.

   Not really.
If you setup the IPX network with Linux then DOSEmu can run without privileges, just run "ipx_configure --auto_interface=on --auto_primary=on" and then the "ipxd" daemon; in DOSEmu set the option "$_ipxsupport = (on)", then the normal ipx tools in DOS ("vlm" and a very basic net.cfg).

When users login (via telnet over a SSH tunnel) DOS is automatically
started for them, they're automatically logged into Novell server and
their application start automatically.

Thats good if you trust your users, if you don't trust them, then please don't run DOSEmu with root privileges, because a malicious user could stop the bootup or exit in some way from the application and run not only DOS commands, but Linux commands too, and as root!

   Hope this helps!!!

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