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On 02. 02. 2010 22:26, Paul Crawford wrote:
>> Did you start dosemu with the -s option? The suid bit alone doesn't
>> give enough rights any longer.
> The question is do they need such rights? You should be able to run
> dosmeu as a user without getting the ability to go direct to hardware
> (which -s allows) unless that is a real requirement for users.

Every DOSEMU session has to connect to a Novell (IPX based) server. I
used 'direct networking' on the old version and it worked well, so I'd
like to keep using it.

And as far as I know IPX requires root privileges.

> For most things (serial ports and printing) you don't need this and
> don't want to give it out.
> We do in our application as we need direct hardware access, but that
> is not given to all+sundry who can log in.

When users login (via telnet over a SSH tunnel) DOS is automatically
started for them, they're automatically logged into Novell server and
their application start automatically.

Regards, Danilo

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