FoxPro app doesnt work in -dumb mode anymore.

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I have used dosemu version 1.2.2-8  in Debian Etch to run FoxPro
application in an noniteractive way.  Its executed during the night
from cron in a couple of servers.
Now we use new servers and Debian 5.0 Lenny.  There is dosemu version

Aftter I changed the configuration on the right places.  It means I've
linked the right directory as a C disc. I can run that foxpro
application from remote terminal. It works.

But when I need to run the application from cron, I put -dumb argument
to dosemu.
In this case the application in doesmu fails with:

Abnormal program termination: Illegal instruction
CS:EIP = 1E19h:000020F1h

Without -dumb application works.

I'm completly lost.  The manpage of dosemu and dosemu.bin didn't help me.

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