regress in Dosemu Version 1.4.0 Rebel12 fails

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after long time  working with Dosemu 1.3.4 I have just updated to Dosemu and found the following regress  compared with !.3.4:

1. Chess program Rebel 12 fails with the message 

Interrupt 0CH Stack fault
Errorcode =0000, with the some additional information 

2.Chess program Vchess fails with the same message like above

error code = 0000
eax = 0000000C      esi = 000000EF      flags = 3046        ds = 00E7
ebx = F000E987      edi = 0010DAB8      eip = 00004476      es = 00E7
ecx = FFFFFF09      ebp = 00187E30      cs = 00AF           fs = 0000
edx = 0002CDB6      esp = 00007D70      ss = 00DF           gs = 0000
The difference between the both cases is, that after the crash of Rebel 12 
also dosemu crashes, after the crash of Vchess the dosemu still works

In Dosemu 1.3.4 the Rebel12 was working (with some mouse problems, but it was 
possible to play games.
With Vchess I can play a game without using the mouse, moving the mouse dosemu 
crashes (as far I remember, Stass Sergejev has made a patch for it, I should 
have anywhere.

Big question:
is there somebody who can fix this issue?

Best regards
Bernhard Bialas                                                                                               
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