Re: regress in Dosemu Version 1.4.0 Rebel12 fails

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2009/5/7 Bernhard Bialas <bernhard.bialas@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> after long time  working with Dosemu 1.3.4 I have just updated to Dosemu
> and found the following regress  compared with !.3.4:
> 1. Chess program Rebel 12 fails with the message
> Interrupt 0CH Stack fault
> Errorcode =0000, with the some additional information

Hello Bernhard,

I only tested with Rebel Decade, but it may be the same problem.
Current SVN has a fix, or you can change
in src/dosext/dpmi/dpmi.c:

@@ -3412,6 +3412,7 @@
      but that method is unreliable for 32-bit DOSEMU on x86-64 kernels.
   if (_esp > 0xffff && !Segments[_cs >> 3].is_32 && Segments[_ss >> 3].is_32 &&
+      Segments[_ss >> 3].type != MODIFY_LDT_CONTENTS_STACK &&
       _esp > GetSegmentLimit(_ss)) {
     D_printf("DPMI: ESP bug, esp=%#x, ebp=%#x, limit=%#lx\n",
             _esp, _ebp, GetSegmentLimit(_ss));

Let me know if it works for you.
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