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Just when I thought that I had all the keys I needed working on dosemu I've found one that I don't know how to fix. I use dosemu via ssh, and I thought that all alt+letter combination were working ok until yesterday, when I found out that alt+o behaves strangely. In the program I need to use it, it simply hangs everything until I start to bash the keyboard franticly. In the ScanCode Show program (get it here if you want to test it : you can see that the first alt+o keypress never shows, and subsequent presses either: 1.- Show the alt+o keypress and the new keypress normally if they're a ctrl+something or alt+something; 2.- Don't show the alt+o keypress neither the new keypress, but a new, strange one if they're a single keypress. For example, ctr+o, g show a result of SHIFT Num 5

Any ideas of what can it be? I've tried different keyboards layouts but the problem isn't disappearing.

Another little problem I have, nothing important: Anyone knows why Esc keypresses are so slow? From the moment you press to the moment the programs do something there's always a very noticeable delay which gets a little frustrating, specially if the Esc key is used to advance through the fields of a report, as I have to do.

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