Re: Interrupt jitter on Kuper Control RTMC48 Motion Control Card?

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Frank Cox wrote:
> However, since it sounds like you're planning to dedicate a computer to this
> task, I'm thinking that you might save yourself considerable hassle if you
> simply install Freedos (or something similar) on the computer and leave it at
> that.  If the only job this thing does runs under DOS, then why fight city
> hall, as it were.

You are probably right, Frank. There are several issues to face for
this task. The Kuper software also makes use of parallel ports, also
some people report that not all mice work with it. The system is very
valuable for many today's tasks in motion control applications. First
I wanted to add network support to it, using Microsofts dos client for
windows networks, that worked very well a decade ago. Then I thought
it might be nice to have an up-to-date Multitasking OS in background -
and here I am.

Dosemu is a great piece of software, are there any reports about any
other special hardware people have used successfully with dosemu,
except for sound and network cards?

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