Re: High network usage over network filesystem

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If I can give any more info, please tell me.

It would be interesting to see what happens if you put your data on a nfs
filesystem and then try running your compiler on that.

Then put it on a local filesystem and see what happens there.
Nevermind, I've got it.
When you try to execute something, scan_dir scans all the files on your path and on your current directory searching for it. Even more, it scans multiple times searching for different name combinations (exe/com/bat and with different capitalization), and that's what causing huge bandwidth consumption and stalls when you're on a big directory. Luckily for me, as I said in another mail I'm mounting the remote novell partition with ncpmount that makes all acceses to the mounted device case-insensitive, so I just made scan_dir return true always, and now I think it determines if a file it's there or not by stating it in find_file. I have encountered no problems with this yet.

Another thing, I don't know if this is the proper place to ask for it, but I've found that dosemu doesn't work right with dtach. When you reattach you simply get a black screen and all the text, windows, pictures, etc are gone. I can't use screen because for some reason some programs just hang when they're executed in dosemu inside a screen, but they work flawlessly in dtach. It would be great if you could do something about this. To get around it I added this at the end of sigwinch:


It does work now, but I know nothing of slang and the docs say you should not use SLsmg_touch_lines, so it has to be a better way.
It would be great if in the next version dosemu and dtach could get along.
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