Re: High network usage over network filesystem

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On Tue, 27 Jan 2009 10:13:28 +0100
Javier Tarifa wrote:

> I have a weird problem. I'm using dosbox to access a mounted network 
> partition.

1. Are you having problems using dosbox or dosemu?  Despite the similarity of
the names, they are two different dos emulators.

2. "mounted network partition".  Do you mean nfs?  Samba?  Something else?

>  The problem is that every time a command or a program is 
> launched, if your current working directory (of msdos, not linux) is in 
> the novell partition,

Are you talking about Novell Netware?

>  it takes forever to start. The weird thing was 
> that the cpu was idle all the time, so I looked into it and saw that the 
> network usage would skyrocket.

What if you just type dir at a dosemu prompt?

Describe more about your setup, how you're mounting your network partition and
what it consists of and how it's structured, and how you're accessing your data

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