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Javier Tarifa wrote:

1. Are you having problems using dosbox or dosemu? Despite the
similarity of
the names, they are two different dos emulators.
Sorry about the confusion dosbox/dosemu, i'm definitely using dosemu.
2. "mounted network partition". Do you mean nfs? Samba? Something else?
The computer dosemu is running on is a fedora that mounts a remote
novell netware partition using ncpmount, and I use lredir to make it my f:
What if you just type dir at a dosemu prompt?

Describe more about your setup, how you're mounting your network
partition and
what it consists of and how it's structured, and how you're accessing
your data
It doesn't matter how I acces my files. After every command I type there
are several seconds of high network usage before doing anything,
even running "dir" or running an "unix" command. The only thing that is
not slowed down is changing directory and changing the device
This time of doing nothing seems to be proportional to the amount of
files in the current directory.
Here's an example:
test.bat contains this:

call time /t
call dir > null
call time /t
call unix "echo hi"
call time /t

running it on the root of the network device, on f:, where there are
only 44 files, gives this:

F:\>call time /t
Current time is 6:47:34.97 pm
F:\>call dir > null
F:\>call time /t
Current time is 6:47:35.68 pm
F:\>call unix "echo hi"
F:\>call time /t
Current time is 6:47:35.84 pm

But then running on the directory where everything needs to be run, with
3830 files on the current directory, gives you this:
F:\somedir>call time /t
Current time is 6:51:20.16 pm
F:\somedir>call dir > null
F:\somedir>call time /t
Current time is 6:51:41.20 pm
F:\somedir>call unix "echo hi"
F:\somedir>call time /t
Current time is 6:51:44.22 pm

On a windows prompt it runs like this:


F:\somedir>call time /t

F:\somedir>call dir 1>null

F:\somedir>call time /t

F:\soemdir>call unix "echo hi"
"unix" no se reconoce como un comando interno o externo,
programa o archivo por lotes ejecutable.

F:\somedir>call time /t

Any ideas why is this slow? I wouldn't mind if doing a dir or something
like this lasted a little more than normal, but those 3-4 seconds that
is "hanged" everytime anything is trying to execute
makes that, for example, compiling can take hours with dosemu and before
were a matter of a couple of minutes or so (the compiler is called 2000
times more or less, but it finishes at the moment)

If I can give any more info, please tell me.
It look as Novell NW access is slow - and as DOS (in contrast in Unix,
which look for command wo full path only in PATH environ var) first
look for command in current directory, then when there is several thousands
files, this search will take a while.
When You know about command full path, then it may help:

C:\bin\command CMDLINE

However I not know, what it does in case of internal commands
(dir, cd, etc).

Franta Hanzlík
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